How to Maintain A Healthy Diet for Your Dog

Brown dog eating its food

Dog’s diet matters a lot related to dogs’ general health and well-being. You should pay special attention to their food habits. Try to give them the best nutrition for healthy skin and coat. It also reflects in the overall health of the dogs. 

Unless there are specific needs for your dogs, you can feed all the healthy ingredients to them. Pet owners should make a good selection of fruits and vegetables when feeding their dogs. Further, don’t make your pets overweight by giving them fatty foods.

Food Ingredients to include in dog’s diet

Most dogs require a canine diet where they are fed chicken daily. Chicken or any meat products provide them with the nutrition they need. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and other essential nutrients are essential to be fed to dogs. Then they will have a healthy life, and they will live longer.

Avoid gluten, corn, soybean products since their digestive systems can’t digest these products easily. Instead, choose only high-quality food products for your dogs. It can be high source proteins like chicken, lamb, or turkey.

When you feed them any ready-made products, first check the ingredients label appropriately. The protein is often substituted with soy products, which are not suitable for your pets. Rice and corn have high amounts of glycaemic acid. It can increase the insulin response in a dog. Feeding starchy grains can contribute to diabetes and obesity.

Choosing the best foods for your dogs

Fatty acids

Amino and fatty acids are much appreciated in the healthy diets of dogs. Plants and meat are primary sources of amino acids. Therefore, you can give them meat-based products from where they will get all the essential nutrients.


Protein is yet another essential product that you should feed your dogs. Dogs need a lot of protein in their diets. Further, it helps in their hair growth and provides nutrients to all body parts. If you are feeding any meat, check the quality. Only feed high-quality products to your pets. If you buy meat by-products, you are not getting high quality.


Fats are equally essential in their bodies. Feed your dogs highly digestible fats. Omega 3 and Omega 6 are two fats primarily needed in a dog’s diet. Some fatty acids you can give dogs are:

  • Sunflower oils
  • Pork fat
  • Chicken fat
  • Soybean oils, etc.

Limit the intake of fats, though, or else they will become obese.


Carbs provide energy to your little buddies. You can feed them their food inside an electric dog fence. Of course, they can’t break the wall and come out. But, they will eat their food properly. Carbs provide the right kind of energy, and it helps manage chronic diarrhea in dogs.

Ways to maintain a healthy diet for your dogs

Introduce the concept of fresh foods to your dogs

Fresh fruits and vegetables are full of enzymes that add a new definition to pets’ health. So give them wholesome fruits and vegetables whenever you can. When the food products are full of fiber, it helps improve the stool.

The ready-made foods have synthetic products that are not good for pets’ health. It’s not what the dogs eat; it’s what they can absorb. There are certain vegetables that they should avoid. For example, you can feed your dogs broccoli stems or beetroot leaves. You can make a puree of these vegetables to maintain their teeth and gum.

Avoid all shelf-life products

These foods have a shelf life of about 12 to 24 months. These have no enzymes because of their industrial cooking. You can feed these some days, but it should not become their daily habits.

Give anti-inflammatory and antioxidant-rich products

Inflammation is one of the primary causes of disease, so, if possible, give pets antioxidant products. Further, all whole foods have high oxidants in them. So keep your dogs healthy by feeding them all essential items.

Provide fresh drinking water

Water is crucial to your dog, and you should provide fresh water to them daily. In addition, please provide them with filtered water since the tap water contains over 150 chemicals. Water helps remove any unwanted substances from the body and provides good health.

You can give alkaline water to your dogs. It’s the best kind of water for them. You can provide filtered water in their water bowls as well.

Wash all the bowls with vinegar

White vinegar is chemical-free, and it disinfects the bowls amazingly. Dogs can be sensitive to commercial products, so try natural alternatives. You can search for other organic products to wash their bowls.

Only you know what is suitable for your dogs, and you should take charge. Follow your vet’s instructions and give them only the best of the best. When you are given a healthy diet, everything will fall into line. The entire health will improve, and you will get a playful dog.


Dog’s diet maintains a lot, so don’t just put anything that your dogs won’t eat. Instead, exercise with your dogs and help them lead healthy lives.